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April 5, 2010



Las Vegas Short Sale


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April 1, 2010

Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist – Call 702-604-7739 – Get Short Sale Hep Today

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November 12, 2009

Questions and Answers on Summerlin Real Estate in Las Vegas Nevada. Buyers & Sellers share about the Summerlin Real Estate Market and Listings.




What is the Canyon Gate development in Summerlin like?


There are plenty of luxury communities in Summerlin. As you have probably seen, Canyon Gate is one of them. There is no sense repeating what you have already seen posted here, but I can tell you that now is the time to buy. I see by your name profile that you are “Just Looking”. Here is an interesting statistic for you about the Canyon Gate Gated Community in Summerlin straight from todays Las Vegas MLS search I just performed…Market Analysis ReportProperty Type: Residential Status: Contingent Offer, Exclusive Agency, Active-Exclusive Right, Pending Offer Number of Properties: 3
There are only 3 homes on the market and all are under contract: $699,900, $700,000, and $750,00. 1 is a Las Vegas Short Sale and the other 2 are regular sellers.

What this shows is that people in that community are staying! That’s always a good sign for a community. Not only that, there is only 1 closing showing in the Canyon Gate Country Club Community as well.

Obviously people like this community and want to stay. If you have any desire to get in that community, you should retain the services of a Summerlin Real Estate Specialist to put you on a search that alerts you and the Las Vegas Realtor as soon as a property is listed. This costs you nothing to do and is more accurate than the automated real estate sites. In Las Vegas, the seller or the bank is still paying the commissions.

Hope this helps and Good luck with your search. If you would like a Summerlin Real Estate Specialist, please call me – Lori Wekerle, at 702-604-7739 or e-mail Feel free to use the link attached to this message to search for Summerlin MLS listings on our MLS Search and view our Summerlin Real Estate Informational Pages and Featured Listings.

Lori Wekerle
Internet Marketing Manager
Coldwell Banker Wardley / Real Estate School of Nevada
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September 28, 2009

Desert Shores Real Estate Q and A by Lori Wekerle – Specialist & Internet Manager

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Question: We are interested in the Desert Shores area. Some reference it as being part of Summerlin, but others don’t. Regardless, it Jerome Home Buyer 89128 seems like a unique area and in a nice location. How is this area to live in and property value wise?

Answered by Lori Wekerle, Internet Manager and Real Estate Specialist of Coldwell BAnker Wardley Las Vegas Real Estate – Desert shores is not party of Summerlin, and you should be aware that South Shores is not actually part of Desert Shores.

Desert Shores is a 3,351 unit master planned community located in the shadow of the foothills of northwest Las Vegas. This Las Vegas Real Estate community was developed by RA Homes in 1988 and includes twenty-two different residential districts, with everything from condominiums to median priced housing and large custom homes behind private gates. All of the lakefront homes have direct access to the lakes and the option of private docks. The Association transitioned to homeowner control in November 1992.

Desert Shores encompasses 682 acres and features four man made lakes, a lagoon style swimming pool surrounded by a sand beach, palm trees and a picnic park with volleyball, basketball and playground facilities. The community docks provide paddleboating and fishing for the residents. The 2,100 square foot clubhouse, with terraces on the side of the main lake, is the site of many private parties and special community events. Being recreation-oriented, this community offers miles of walking and biking paths and the beach facility and paddleboats operate six days a week in the spring and summer, including holidays.

There are difference between Summerlin and Desert Shores – especially the lakes. You would be best served choosing a Realtor who knows Desert Shores and the homes there. We can help if you like. We have placed a link below to our Desert Shores Page where you can also browse Featured Desert Shores Real Estate Listings.

Web Reference:

September 14, 2009

Notice of Default – Short Sales in Las Vegas – A Realtor Explains

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Coldwell Ban…, Broker in Las Vegas, NV

Written by Coldwell Banker Ward…, Broker in Las Vegas
September 14, 2009 2:34 PM Home Selling in Las Vegas
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NOD – THE NOTICE OF DEFAULT – Clark County Nevada Definition: Lenders file in the public records where the property is located a public notice called the Notice of Default. In Nevada, the Notice of Default is not attached to the home physically (like a scarlet letter) as it is in other states. Here it is served to the borrower and posted in the public county records (see link below) Lenders typically do not file a Notice of Default until the borrower is at least 90 days behind in making payments. Lenders must then wait 90 days. During that 90-day period, the borrower has the right to make up the back payments and reinstate the loan. After 90 days, the lender is required to publish a notice in the newspaper for 20 days and then may sell the property to the highest acceptable bidder on the courthouse steps. If no acceptable bid is received, the trustee then conveys the property to the lender. Our local board of Realtors requires that the Notice of Default (NOD) is posted in the MLS. Once you have contract us to place your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we will check the NOD link weekly to see if your home has been posted on the NOD list. When it does, we will inform you and begin our “foreclosure” timeline. This does not mean we plan for foreclosure, but it does mean that we need to move full steam ahead to beat the foreclosure. Once the NOD has been filed, some banks will set a “sale date”. This is the date that your property would go to the “sheriffs’ sale” or auction. In order to get a short sale approved, we need to have full approval and closing prior to this date. In some cases, it takes months after the NOD to set the date. It depends on the bank, their procedures, timelines, and work load. Until this date is set, we keep moving along according to our original timeline and checklists set. If you receive a notice of default, please be sure to let us know immediately so we can be more aggressive about the sale or negotiations.

You can check the Clark County Nevada NOD list yourself whenever you like at the link below.

Disclaimer: Coldwell Banker Wardley Real Estate, all agents and employees do NOT have legal training and can’t advise you on the legal aspects of a Las Vegas shortsale or Las Vegas foreclosure. In addition, we are not certified public accountants and can’t advise you on credit or tax consequences of a Las Vegas short sale or foreclosure. Any statements made should not be taken as legal advice, but simply the sharing of experiences. Laws are changing everyday and we are not always aware of the changes, therefore we suggest you consult with professionals in each field prior to, in the duration of, and at the completion of the Las Vegas shortsale process.

About the Author

Coldwell Banker Wardley Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists (Lori Wekerle’s Team – Formally with The Ballen Group) specialize in Summerlin Real Estate and Las Vegas Short Sales. Specializing in Marketing Homes to sell, Henderson and North Las Vegas short sales & REO/distressed properties, negotiating for buyers, first time home buyers, and investment properties, Coldwell Banker Wardley gets YOU results. For more Las Vegas Short Sale Information, Contact the Lori Wekerle by sending and email to or Call 702.604.7739.

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September 10, 2009

Real Estate School of Nevada – Las Vegas and Nevada Real Estate License Questions

The Real Estate School of Nevada Presents: Las Vegas Real Estate School & Nevada Real Estate License  Frequently Asked Nevada Real Estate license Questions. Visit or call 702-454-1936


1. How many hours do I need to get my Nevada Real Estate License? *90 hours of education are required to obtain a Nevada Real Estate License. This includes at home studies and/or in class studies.

2. What is the Nevada Real Estate Licensee test like? * The test is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions. It contains 80 questions on principles and ethics and 40 questions on Nevada Law. 75% is the minumum on EACH portion to pass.

3. How can I study for the test? There are many books available, audio CD’s and DVD’s and Crash Courses. The Real Estate School of Nevada offers a CRASH COURSE you can take just before testing for your Nevada Real Estate License.

4. Can I take the class at home? Homes study courses are available. We have found that students learn better and obtain the material with a live instructor.  At the Real Estate School of Nevada we offer both to meet everyone’s needs and schedules.

5. What do I do if I fail one of the tests? Don’t be discouraged. Review the questions to find out why you missed them. We have found that if you learn the underlying principal of why, you will never miss that question again.

6. Where do I take the test? A PSI (Psychological Services Incorporated) testing center. There are four locations in Nevada (two in Las Vegas). The test is given twice a day, every day except Sunday. Call ahead to schedule your test appointment.

7. How much will the test & License cost? Plan on around $250.00 for your test and license.

8. How long does it take before I can test for my license? You will be ready to take your state exam in as little as 2 weeks by attending class 3 hours a day and doing the appropriate assignments.

9. Am I required to join the Board of Realtors? NO, but your brokerage might. If you choose a specific brokerage that is a “board brokerage”, they may require you to join the board. In addition, you must join the Board of Realtors to use the local MLS (Las Vegas Licensees)

10.  How do I find a Brokerage? Real Estate School of Nevada offers job placement. Don’t look for a company that promises a particular number of leads and high commissions. Look for a company that has a proven track record. A new Real Estate Agent needs a company that has proven systems, education and tools that generate leads and helps you convert your leads to closed transactions. Choose a company that offers services such as: Name recognition, Training and Mentoring, Broker Support, Tools and Systems such as turn key websites, Staff Support, Professional Facilities and Prime Locations.

11.  How much can I expect to make my first year? The key is running your practice like a business. Be on the job every day, attend training, and stay motivated. Although agents have earned 6 figures their first year, the average income reported for the first year of practice in Nevada is approximately $48,000.  

12.  How do I get started? Call Nevada Realty School to get your Las Vegas Real Estate Classes under way. Spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t wait – CALL NOW –   (702) 454-1936

Our Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Schoolshave been building careers and changing lives for more than 30 years. We offer Real Estate Salesperson Pre-licensing courses. We also provide the new first year licensee the required Post-Licensing courses.


The secret to learning is passionate instruction. Each of our instructors is highly educated and experienced professionals. Adult education takes a special kind of instruction, as the learning experience must compete with the interruptions of life the adult student faces. Our instructors bring their subjects to life with their own experiences and examples which instills understanding and meaning to the student.

CALL NOW – 702-454-1936 or email at

Tell them LORI sent you to get your “secret” online special!

August 31, 2009

Where can I purchase Las Vegas Real Estate in a Summerlin Golf Community?


Where can I purchase Las Vegas Real Estate in a Summerlin Golf Community?




I am a single professional (mid-40’s) and would like to purchase a home/townhome near or on a golfcourse.


Las Vegas Real Estate Question:

 I am searching for a community in the Summerlin area that is gated with newer homes ranging from $300K – $700K. Which neighborhoods would you recommend that is also an easy commute to Howard Hughes Pkwy?



Coldwell Banker Wardley Answer:

Hi There – Your price range should get you into the home you are looking for. Summerlin (as you requested) has a lot of Golf Course Communities to choose from. You would be best served choosing a Summerlin Real Estate Specialist (like us of course) to customize your search, check actual availability on the Realtor’s access to the MLS, and eliminate properties that would not be appropriate – such as Las Vegas Short Sales.

Most of these communities have easy access to the freeway so your communte to Howard Hughes Pkwy would not be an issue.

We also have rights with New Construction, so don’t visit any new home builders without bringing a Las Vegas Realtor with you. We can still negotiate on your behalf and it costs you nothing! The sellers pay the commissions.


Web Reference:…



Lori Wekerle

Lori Wekerle

Manager / Realtor

Coldwell Banker Wardley

7670 W. Lake Mead #100

Las Vegas, NV 89128

702.604.7739 FAX 702.432.1652


August 20, 2009

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