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August 30, 2009

Nevada Real Estate License (Las Vegas Real Estate School) Frequently Asked Questions

Las Vegas & Nevada Real Estate License and Schooling 
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many hours do I need to get my Nevada Real Estate License?  *90 hours of education are required to obtain a Nevada Real Estate License. This includes at home studies and/or in class studies.
  2. What is the Nevada Real Estate Licensee test like? * The test is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions. It contains 80 questions on principles and ethics and 40 questions on Nevada Law. 75% is the minumum on EACH portion to pass.
  3. How can I study for the test? There are many books available, audio CD’s and DVD’s and Crash Courses. The Real Estate School of Nevada offers a CRASH COURSE you can take just before testing for your Nevada Real Estate License.
  4. Can I take the class at home? Homes study courses are available. We have found that students learn better and obtain the material with a live instructor.  At the Real Estate School of Nevada we offer both to meet everyone’s needs and schedules.
  5. What do I do if  I fail one of the tests? Don’t be discouraged. Review the questions to find out why you missed them. We have found that if you learn the underlying principal of why, you will never miss that question again.
  6. Where do I take the test?  A PSI (Psychological Services Incorporated) testing center. There are four locations in Nevada (two in Las Vegas). The test is given twice a day, every day except Sunday. Call ahead to schedule your test appointment.
  7. How much will the test & License cost? Plan on around $250.00 for your test and license.
  8. How long does it take before I can test for my license? You will be ready to take your state exam in as little as 2 weeks by attending class 3 hours a day and doing the appropriate assignments.
  9. Am I required to join the Board of Realtors? NO, but your brokerage might. If you choose a specific brokerage that is a “board brokerage”, they may require you to join the board. In addition, you must join the Board of Realtors to use the local MLS (Las Vegas Licensees)
  10. How do I find a Brokerage? Real Estate School of Nevada offers job placement. Don’t look for a company that promises a particular number of leads and high commissions. Look for a company that has a proven track record. A new Real Estate Agent needs a company that has proven systems, education and tools that generate leads and helps you convert your leads to closed transactions. Choose a company that offers services such as: Name recognition, Training and Mentoring, Broker Support, Tools and Systems such as turn key websites, Staff Support, Professional Facilities and Prime Locations.
  11. How much can I expect to make my first year? The key is running your practice like a business. Be on the job every day, attend training, and stay motivated. Although agents have earned 6 figures their first year, the average income reported for the first year of practice in Nevada is approximately $48,000.  
  12. How do I get Started? Call Nevada Realty School to get your Las Vegas Real Estate Classes under way. Spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t wait – CALL NOW –   (702) 454-1936

Our Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Schools have been building careers and changing lives for more than 30 years. We offer Real Estate Salesperson Pre-licensing courses. We also provide the new first year licensee the required Post-Licensing courses.


The secret to learning is passionate instruction. Each of our instructors are highly educated and experienced professionals. Adult education takes a special kind of instruction, as the learning experience must compete with the interruptions of life the adult student faces. Our instructors bring their subjects to life with their own experiences and examples which instills understanding and meaning to the student.

CALL NOW – 702-454-1936 or email at .

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